Star Wars - Edge of the Empire

At a loss...

Imperial interference prevented Reedro from being able to see CO-D’s guest appearance on Bossk’s Big Score. This left Reedro feeling a little strained through the next few planetary rotations. He had no idea that after the crew was done at Haal’s mining facility they were going to Dathomir to extract an artifact of great evil for the Sith Lord Darth Crion, also known as The Collector. Bajaal, the Dark Jedi Trandoshan, showed up to train Reedro in control of the Force and in combat. This training was going well, but then the truth was presented to Reedro. Haal, Johnny, Koyi, the Imperial Ambassador of Utapau and Breen were all in grave danger. Reedro and Bajaal left at this point to go save the crew and destroy these upstart Sith. Unfortunately when they arrived at Dathomir all they found was the wrecked Blackhawk with Breen inside, and a badly wounded Rodian. Reedro gave emergency medical treatment to the Rodian and he snapped back to consciousness. He was saying something about being the guardian. The Pau’an seems to be very dear to this Rodian for somereason. One way or another I’m sure that he is an of ours ally who was also betrayed by the Sith and left for dead. Bajaal confirmed that Yara is Darth Crion’s apprentice, and Reedro thought back on every opportunity that the crew passed over to destroy her in the past. Hopefully when Sueh and Vitaly show up we can fix the Blackhawk and follow these fiends to their base where we will completely and utterly wipe them from the face of the galaxy. Everyone who is in league with these Sith must die. No one captures my brothers and wrecks my ship and then thinks that they can get away with it. Nobody.



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