Star Wars - Edge of the Empire

Bargos' Mining Facility


The Blackhawk and its crew receive their first task from the Malcadian group: Survey a recently won mining facility for Bargos the Hutt and return the first tithe and survey information to him.

Upon arriving at the facility they found it seemingly abandoned and the few droids they encountered seemed to be deficient. After further discovery the crew of the Blackhawk found the facility to be in full revolt under the control of a supervisor droid called EV-8D3. Narrowly escaping with their lives, the crew fled the system to Lannik with Bargos’ tithe…at least part of it.


We did manage to rescue one of the former miners and nurse him back to health. He had sustained major injuries from the malfunctioning medical droid. He agreed to stay on as part of the loading crew on The Black Hawk. —Captain HR.

Bargos' Mining Facility

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