Star Wars - Edge of the Empire

Medical Facility Operations


The Blackhawk’s medical facilities saw many challenges recently. Several crew members required vital triage, Capt. Haal required emergency treatment to stave off a mortal wound, and I had to tend to myself simultaneously to prevent a dilution of my medical efficacy with regard to the crew.

I also was put in the position of saving the life of a female Duros with a horrendous gut wound (from a solid slug), and a male Human with a chest wound from a similar weapon. The Duros will take several days to heal, the human is able to leave on his own accord at the moment. This treatment was the first of what I’m sure will be many instances of using my medical knowledge to help all who cross paths with the Blackhawk.

The evening at the ball was rather pleasant, and helped distract me from my own personal failings. I don’t think my physical condition will hinder me too much, but today it came perilously close to undermining my primary skill set as far as this crew concerned.

I have secured the assistance of both Reedro and Trey Nord to ensure that the medical facilities are stabilizes in the event of catastrophe. This should prevent losses like what we suffered from our recent encounter with the Imperials.

Yara and I had a good conversation about her academic contacts regarding xenobiology. I also assured her that as long as I have any sway, that she is welcome as a guest or professional associate — purely related to her academic knowledge. Nothing else.


Also Dr. refuse to heal Vitaly’s hand. Tell Vitaly not to drink Vodka. Doesn’t use cabbages.

Medical Facility Operations

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