Star Wars - Edge of the Empire

Return To Lannik


The Team assembles at Lannik. Vitaly Khruschev contacts Rourk about bank surveillance and unburdens himself of his debt to Laun Quarm.


Being shot in the back by a long range blaster rifle is a singularly painful experience that I hope NEVER to have to go through again. But even more painful than that? Being strapped onto a speeder-bike and bounced around in a high speed street chase after being shot in the back by a long range blaster rifle! While teetering on the brink of darkness I keep thinking of the lovely Ms Strom at that ball and how delightful it would have been to be able to truly enjoy such an event without worrying about Hutts and business and assassins. If I get out of this I’ll have to start planning for a little vacation for everybody…I try mumbling a few words to Reedro to tell him where to take me but even the thought of speaking makes my eyes roll to the back of my head…I really hope that Rondo slut is not the last woman I…aagh!! that was a sharp turn! are we still being shot at!? Where is Reedro GOING? I thought I told him…oh right
…lost it there for a moment. I’m off the speeder and out of the chase and it sounds like they’re arguing about doctors, is that Koyi? What did Vitaly just say about the Blackhawk? Where is DrDOOM? He would know exactly what to do. I feel like I’m slipping, but I can see my little brother’s confused energy flickering like a tornado on a candle’s wick and I focus on that…I must be strong for…FINALLY! DR Maud’uran’inrokini is here, I can rest at ease…Wait! Didn’t he say he is not at full capacity because of his “condition” or something…?

I awaken back on the Blackhawk, rested enough to whisper (they tell me it’s been quite a few hours)and I try to resume command of the ship but I can ‘t get a word in edgewise: there seems to be a heated debate as to how to get the bracelets off. Really guys? Right NOW? I’ll obviously need more strength than this if I’m to do ANYTHING. I better lie back down. I siphon what nutrition I can and wait to be woken up from my anesthetized dreams.

Return To Lannik

Getting these bracelets (including the segment of arm that they are attached to if need be) off is a pretty important issue. Also don’t be surprised if Reedro isn’t around when you wake up, I feel a presence I haven’t felt since… (turns around and walks away)

Return To Lannik

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