Diggs Black

Lacking all the charisma that Netfly exudes


Billed as the “Man you love to hate” by fight promoters, Diggs’ persona fails to live up to even that lowly standard and he has become the man who loves to mumble to numerous fight fans.

Diggs’ gauntlets were developed as a competing product to Dave Netfly’s, or at least that’s how Netfly dismisses them. There’s some rumours that the gauntlets were developed concurrently, or even before Netfly’s weapons, but what is known is that Netfly released his product into the market first. This has become the source of a fierce rivalry between the two companies.

The product that Diggs wears has a deliberately low-tech, savage appearance, a look that accentuates the brutal, vigorous ruthlessness that the marketing team wants to project. A questionable choice, considering Black’s zen-like focus in the ring and his seeming inability to project convincing anger.


The much hyped rivalry between Black and Netfly has failed to generate even moderate interest among Netfly’s impressive fanbase.

Diggs Black

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