Durani (Maud'uran'inrokini)

Wandering Chiss chemist and doctor


Brawn: 2
Agility: 2
Intellect: 4
Cunning: 3
Willpower: 2
Presence: 2

Skills: Cool 1; Medicine 1; Survival 1; Knowledge (Education) 1

Talents: Surgeon 1



Maud’uran’inrokini, Durani for short, is an elderly Chiss who has spent most of his life wandering the Outer Rim (and the Core Worlds once or twice). Prompted by a powerful wanderlust he left the Chiss Ascendancy at a relatively young age, abdicating the role his family had chosen for him as a surgeon and instead bartering for passage on any ship willing to take him. He generally works as a doctor and pharmacist to earn his keep, though occasionally he has also tutored the children of wealthy passengers in the sciences.

Durani goes where the current takes him, and has spent as little as 15 minutes planet side on some worlds, and as much as eight years on other worlds. It all depends on what grabs his interest and how much. He is a peaceful man, and avoids violent conflict whenever possible.

Currently “employed” by the Malcadian Group, Durani is trying to repay their “generosity” after an “accident” blew up the entire droid factory where he was employed developing a “cure” for a rare tropical disease. The Malcadian Group of course “doesn’t” blame Durani for this, but they do wish to recoup the costs of 5 years worth of medical research and an entire droid factory.

Durani (Maud'uran'inrokini)

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