Last Seen as Borgas' Guest


Keech was the epitome of everything that other species hated about Bothans. Corruption, selfishness, greed, and nonchalant cruelty were barely hidden by a near endless well of snide condescension. The late sub altern of Boga the Toydarian was remarkable in his ability to consistently increase his influence while making enemies of nearly everyone he met.


Keech held himself personally responsible for enforcing Boga’s will and making sure that the Iliam light freighter ran at peak inadequacy while pointing out and highlighting the shortcomings of its crew, real or imagined. While he was alive, he executed the infrequent release of Boga’s anti-aging syrum to the latter’s stable of clone troopers, a duty which further endeared him to no one.

Although it may seem that such an individual’s personality had been custom-tailored for acting as an intermediary between a Toydarian and the Hutts, no one was surprised when Bargos relieved him of his post and his skin within a week.


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