Even a love triangle cannot stop her thirst for vengeance


Koyi is a 25 year old Twi’lek from the planet Rhyloth. Standing at an adorable height of 5’5", this compact explorer is ready for adventure and is a great asset to any team. She is dark green with grey stripes and is sexy enough to perform on any stage, except in front of a Hutt.


Koyi grew up as the youngest daughter in her family. She has 2 older twin brothers, and 2 older sisters. Her father and mother were the leaders of their village. Her father was a revolutionary who wanted a free Rhyloth where the Twi’leks we’re no longer sold into slavery. This idea however did not sit well with her Father’s 4 advisers, and at the age of 12, Koyi watched as her parents were killed and her siblings sold into slavery by the very people who betrayed them. Out of all the buyers, only the Malcadian Group saw any promise in Koyi and trained her to be an explorer for them and find planets in which they could use to make a profit.

Until the age of 20, Koyi traveled by herself until the Malcadian group assigned her a bodyguard, Castor Troy. During their early travels, Koyi tried to shake off Castor Troy in order to find out more information about her father’s 4 advisers in order to get revenge for her family. But Castor Troy stuck to her like white on rice, so she gave him the nickname of Puppy because he always followed her around.

5 years later, Koyi and Puppy were forced to join the crew of the Blackhawk by orders of the Malcadian group. Upon meeting the Ricards brothers, Koyi developed a crush on the Captain of the Blackhawk, Haal Ricards, that is until the crew took on another member, Vitaly Khruschev. Now caught in a love triangle, Koyi is unsure who she’ll choose in the end. But one thing is for sure, one day she will kill the bastards who killed her parents, reunite with her siblings, and rule Rhyloth from the underworld.


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