Laun Quarm


Botajef arms dealer and old contact of Vitaly, this Aqualish smuggler is quite skilled at acquiring the things you may need….as long as you’re not responsible for losing his sister to a Hutt.


Laun owns two bars on Botajef, but leaves their day to day management to other people; he just checks the accounts. Although he spends less time pursuing a career as a rapper than he used to, he is still active in the music scene and books most of the artists for his bars himself.

His prominence as an arms dealer came almost by accident. In the music and nightlife industries, Laun had a reputation as someone who could fulfill the special requests of clients and guests, especially spice and liquor to fit particular tastes. He only rarely acquired blasters or other weapons, but sometimes it was necessary. As the effects of the New Order’s human-centric regulations and rules began to affect even the Outer Rim, it became difficult for non-humans to legally own or buy weapons, but their need (or want) for armaments did not diminish. Laun, known for his solid business acumen and for his ability to game the system, was soon procuring arms for customers outside his regular clientele.

Due to his lengthy experience with the local bureaucracy, he can often make the arms purchases of his clients seem legit, though they certainly are not.

Laun Quarm

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