Quintos Chokka


6’ tall Chiss male explorer. He sometimes works as a mercenary taking jobs that promise violent confrontations for him to test his skill. Other times he will make cargo runs or take other odd jobs that send him to little known planets with things that most in the galaxy will never see. His IPKC is up to date.


Quintos was not born on the highly secretive home world of the Chiss. His parents were explorers who wanted to see the greatest things that the galaxy had to offer. He had a relatively happy childhood growing up aboard this parents vessel, getting to see all the wonders that the galaxy had in store for them. As he grew older his parents taste began to change, and they became more sedentary. They had accrued a decent amount of wealth and had carved out a nice life for themselves. They were helping to establish a colony world that should prove to be a great investment. His younger brother and sister stayed with his parents, but Quintos’ taste for adventure had not been sated. On his 21st birthday his father gifted him the family’s ship and sent Quintos off with his entire family’s blessing. He has made a name for himself as an explorer.

Quintos Chokka

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