Reedro Ricards

Slicer with an extra set of skills that he shouldn't use unnecessarily.


One of the 3 Ricards brothers, Reedro is a 6’4 male Duros. He wears loose fitting heavy clothing with a multi-pocketed vest. A dark brown robe covers all of this if he’s cold, or wants to blend into a crowd. He has a fine Blue-Green Duros skin tone and Red eyes, with no evidence of hair ever having grown on his chrome dome.

Career: Technician

Specialization Trees: Slicer, Force Sensitive Exile, Outlaw Tech

2 Brawn, 3 Agility, 5 Intelligence, 2 Cunning, 3 Will, 2 Presence
Wound Threshold:13
Strain Threshold: 13
Current Wounds: 13
Current Strain: 13
Soak Value: 3
Force Rating: 2
Defence:Ranged 0, Melee 1

General Skills
Astrogation, 3
Computers, 3
Coordination, 1
Discipline, 3
Mechanics, 2
Medicine, 1
Perception, 1
Piloting Planetary, 2
Piloting Space, 1
Stealth, 2
Vigilance, 1

Knowledge Skills:
Education, 2
Outer Rim, 2
Underworld, 2
Xenology, 1

Custom Skill
Lightsaber, 3
I Shii-Cho, (Fencing) Balanced form, Accounts for abilities and weaknesses of the weapon.
II Makashi, Early Lightsaber style, mostly outdated. Most notable for the footwork which must be mastered before adopting more advanced styles.
III Soresu, Focused on combat vs. blasters, Emphasizes defensive coverage.
IV Ataru, Focuses on Agility over Strength. Highly aggressive style.
V Shien, Highly aggressive style that focuses on Strength over Agility.
V variant Djem-So, focuses on lightsaber duels.


Technical Aptitude
Bypass Security
Defensive Slicing(2)
Natural Programmer
Improved Defensive Slicing

Outlaw Tech
Solid Repairs
Utility Belt
Jury Rigged

Force Sensitive Exile
Uncanny Senses(2)
Uncanny Reactions(2)
Convincing Demeaner
Sense Danger
Street Smarts
Intense Focus
Force Rating
Superior Reflexes
Quick Draw

Force Powers



Heavy Clothing
Hostile Environment Gear (Heat & Radiation)
Pocketed Vest
Utility Belt
Fiver Slug-Pistol
Heavy Blaster Pistol

All Purpose Scanner
Com Scrambler
Climbing Gear
Com Links x3
Data Pads x2
Electro Binoculars
Electronic Lock Breaker
Hand Scanner
Outlaw Tech Data Breaker
Scanner Goggles
Slicer Gear

Autographed CO-D Portrait with Authentication
4 CO-D Holograms, 1 with Authentication

Class Skills: (General) Astrogation, Computers, Coordination, Discipline, Mechanics, Perception, Piloting-Planetary, Stealth, Streetwise, (Knowledge) Education, Outer Rim, Underworld, (Custom) Lightsaber

Experience Earned: 825
Experience Available: 5



Reedro works alongside his two brothers, Haal and Content Not Found: johnny-ricards_, for their family business “Ricards Brothers Mechanics” as they cruise through the galaxy on their freighter the Blackhawk.
His brother _Content Not Found: johnny-ricards
specializes more on speeders and other vehicles, but Reedro is more inclined to search the Holonet than his bro. The brothers have all grown more apart as they have been working off the debt to the Malcadien Group. Reedro misses the simple days of grifting from a scumbag boss to repair their parents destroyed ship, The Blackhawk.

Through their escape from under the thumb of one criminal organization, the Ricards Bros have been indentured into the service of a much larger crime syndicate, The Malcadien Group. The Malcadien Group wasted no time in adding other agents of theirs to the crew of the Blackhawk. Over time Reedro has witnessed relationships growing and falling apart aboard the vessel. Reedro has found a growing distance between himself and all of his companions, but has purposefully kept some distance from most of them as he has taken his time developing most crew relations in order to maintain control over his growing prsence in The Force. The time spent with these outsiders aboard our vessel has caused a rift between the once close brothers, but they always do whatever it takes to look out for each other.

Reedro endured headaches which were related to the force as he began to realize his connection to it. The headaches always got really bad when the Dark Jedi Trandoshan was near. Eventually he had learned to sense his presence, but was somehow surprised by his appearance when he managed to bekidnapped. My companions acted in what they thought to be my best interest and engaged him in combat. That’s how Caster Troy lost his left arm. Soon after Mother gave me some rudimentary training in the basics of controlling the force. On the next no-profit run we went on he sew a Super Star Destroyer and felt a presence that he knows full well will stop at nothing until he has been destroyed. Darth Vader is more than a myth, and the whole crew is in danger because of Reedro’s connection to the Force.

An adventure on Tattoine led Reedro to finally meet Ben. Reedro learned much in the time he trained in the harsh desert with his guide in the mysteries and nuances of the universe. Caster Troy didn’t get himself killed while searching crates for Krayt Dragons and their jewelry. It was a relief to rendezvous with the rest of the crew on Lannik after almost 2 months apart.

A valuable lesson for other Force Users: do not use your powers or Vader will come after you.

Reedro Ricards

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