Sueh Strom

Black and Blue


Ability Stats: [Brawn 4] [Agility 3] [Intellect 2] [Cunning 2] [Will 2] [Presence 2]
Skills: Athletics 2, Cool 1, Coordination 1, Discipline 1, Perception 1, Resilience 1, Stealth 1, Vigilance 1, Melee 2

Race: Human
Height: 5’7"
Build: Hardened physique, lean-muscled and agile
Hair: Black straight hair hanging below the shoulders with long bangs, often tied back
Features: Blue eyes, light skin. On a closer look, hexagonical patterning of a faintly blue hue, lighter than her skin, stretches over her left temple from her hair line, tapering off to a point at the corner of her eye. Her bangs and strands of her hair help to cover it from the casual observer.

Gear: All her clothing is black. Fitted cargo pants, tank top, thigh-length coat with neck collar buckle, gun-metal gray chest plate armor, utility belt with holsters on each side. A mid-length vibro-sword hangs in one holster. The other rests empty but looks like it can hold a side-arm. Strapped on her thigh and clipped to her utility belt is a heavy-duty knife belt and sheath. The knife itself extends almost the length of her thigh. It looks more like a small short-sword with a combat knife grip hilt. Her sword is thin, black metal with a metallic hilt that twists and locks to activate the vibro-generator. Her knife is a matched set but with a wider blade and a wicked curve. There are other various small tools and blades tucked away.

Demeanor: She is an experienced mercenary whose stance is solid, but wary. She is very fluid in combat, and while she is extremely strong, often chooses speed and agility before brute force. Her strength is the most deceptive thing about her. While she does not attempt to hide her ability, it isn’t immediately obvious how strong she is. She doesn’t find it prudent to actively encourage questions about her enhanced physicality.

At times she has a bit of a deflating social demeanor with non-reactive and practical responses. If she realizes she will be interacting with another for an extended period, she loosens up greatly. If not, it’s difficult to be engaging without feeling like it’s a waste of time and mental resources.

She hates mess off the battlefield.


Strom Co. is a tech research and development firm specializing in droid accessories, weaponry and enhancements. As a subsidiary of the Malcadian Group, most funding stems directly from the group along with an obligation to them to be profitable and useful to their droid operations. Strom Co. fell on hard times after its founder, Sueh’s father, began suffering from bouts of dementia and mental illness. Being the source of much of the innovation within the corporation, this caused faults and production issues. The Malcadian Group gained even more of a direct controlling interest in the company due to his inability to buffer the company from the Group’s inquiries.

While Dr. Sai-tehn Strom suffered from periods of disability, he still retained periods of sharp, genius clarity. He began branching out into bio-tech projects investing most of the remaining corporation funds and resources for new research and development into this division. Perhaps his mental illness had a hand in pursuing this new avenue and ambition, because bio-tech has absolutely no use for Malcadian droids. When the Malcadian Group discovered where their funding was going, there were threats greater than mere corporate restructuring made.

Sueh was a young woman at the time, barely out of girlhood. In a desperate move to prove his worth and save himself and his family from the Group’s direct retribution, Sai-tehn decided to put his bio-tech research findings into the field for testing and development. When the tech proved stable enough for animal test subjects to survive, Sai-tehn began searching for a human proto-type. Sai-tehn found that his youngest daughter Sueh was ultimately compatible with his project due to the fundamental structuring of the project that was based on his own DNA as an example source. Seeing her as the last hope for protecting the company and their entire family, Sai-tehn convinced her of the duty to receive the full proto-type installation.

The initial results and presentation to the Malcadian Group were promising enough for them to hold off on wiping out Strom Co’s board of directors and Sueh’s family. Perhaps they thought it might be a long shot to cultivate some possible diversification outside of the droid industry. The tech was impressive and while expensive, had promising implications for private usage by the group. Strom Co was allowed to continue production on their current droid tech lines while letting Sai-tehn tinker with the bio-tech project with the remaining original funding.

However, the Malcadian Group replaced him as acting CEO and has little hope for any future productivity in his bio-tech research due to the obvious and steady decline in his mental capabilities.

The technology that Sai-tehn developed enhanced the tensile strength and reactive capabilities in Sueh’s muscular and skeletal structures increasing her strength and resistance beyond the normal capabilities of her female figure. The Malcadian Group decided to invest in her development and gave orders to develop her into an asset. In order to grow and move normally, she was kept on a very specific, artificially developed protein-link diet meant to feed the growth structures fusing in her body. In the following years, she was immersed in intensive combat skill training and physical conditioning. The Malcadian Group made a contract with Sueh’s family that she could work off her debt by serving the Group as a mercenary.

In the final stages of her training, Sai-tehn revealed the crowning achievement of his now, slightly mad, research. It was a bio-electrically powered stealth field, surgically integrated with the spinal cortex of a subject to be activated on will. Perhaps it was meant as a final gift and boon to his daughter who was being sent out into the galaxy to work off his mistakes. It was meant as something unique and priceless to help protect her. Dutifully, she accepted the surgery and installation, finding the risk of death in her father’s lab slightly better than the risks of death and servitude she faced in the foreseeable future. Surprisingly, the system fused perfectly inside of her and synced to her nerve core with only a few side effects of the grafting appearing faintly on a couple areas of her skin. Unfortunately, only a few days later, Sai-tehn suffered a fatal accident in his droid lab while dealing with high voltages during an episode of dementia.

When the Malcadian Group arrived to retrieve their new tool, it was revealed that another new technology had been installed in her, this one was proprietary and unable to be properly replicated due to the gaps and nonsense in Sai-tehn’s documentation of the bio-stealth field. After further analyzing the tech in Sueh, it was determined that the neural network of the field had grown and expanded into every part of her system due to the final phase of the design which required it to rest in a cellular structure right below the epidermis of her entire body. It could not be removed. Since there was no future manufacturing possible to make up the debt for this tool, they immediately claimed Sueh as the property of the Malcadian Group. Her father’s last intended gift had inadvertently committed Sueh to a possible lifetime of servitude and exploitation as a possession of the Malcadian Group. The rest of her family, having seen the future decline and collapse of their own status, invested quickly in the best gear they could find for her before she was sent off procuring her matched set of black metal vibro-blades.

Sueh does her work dilligently, having no other choice. There is a small upside to the jobs that send her to different worlds. It gives her the opportunity to search for any break throughs in bio-tech research that might be able to understand the system in her and how to possibly remove it from her. Unfortunately, most of her missions are very short-term insertions and extractions.

Her new assignment on the Blackhawk has no extraction date. This will be the first time in a long while she will have free mobility and long-term status. The crew seems to be capable enough with a good knack for navigating tricky situations. Most of the crew would crumple in an all-out, direct assault though. Perhaps that’s why she was installed here.

For the first time she has time to search, and access to a crew member Doctor who seems to be just as fascinated and eager for bio-tech science as she is. Perhaps he is an aspiring bio-tech engineer. Or maybe this is all just a bad joke from the Malcadians.

Sueh Strom

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