The Malcadian Group

Buidling a better living


Industrial Corporation located in Outer Rim Space.
Specializes in Droid Design, Weaponry, and Components.
Corporate HQ Located: Lok

-Droids are and will always be our specialty but here at The Malcadian Group, we want to show you, our valued clients that we can do more then just build droids.


Established by Arkum Malcadian, a industrial giant of his time, The Malcadian group has been on the for front of Droid designs, components, and weaponry for hundreds of years. Recently they have fallen on hard times due to their close association with the Separatist movement and the resulting failure of their secession. Currently the Malcadian Group has diversified its portfolio with a “can do” attitude towards their business dealings.

The Malcadian Group

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