Vitaly Khruschev

He drinks all the vodka


Talents: yes, very talented
Skills: got ’em
Captain of the The 11th Hour

Vitushka is the informal, very familiar version of his name, which could embarrass him terribly or make him think you really like him.

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Bio: This is Vitaly at the start of his career, before years of tramp freighter piloting, jail, indentured servitude, and hard jobs for crimelords.

He was born, screaming, in a box-like tenement somewhere in the deeps of Nadezhda Gohraht, many years before Anakin Skywalker would be created by Darth Plagueis. The lawlessness there is triple that of Spokoynoy Nochi, the Sargassan city with the nearest crime rate to Nadezhda Gohraht, which translated loosely into Basic, means City of Hope. Vitaly was running freight before he was 18, a connoisseur of excellent fake vodka before that, and a brawler even earlier.

Vitaly was already an experienced smuggler back when Chancellor Valorum was running the Republic, navigating the Sargassan skies, canyons, and oceans with walkers, boats, and groundcars, but especially speeders. Valorum was still in office when Vitaly rose to the stars like a beggar king, trading illicit goods through curtains of embargoes to a crew of veteran crooks and sharks led by the charming Corellian, Timur.

The Clone Wars, the defining event of the generation after Vitaly’s, saw him running freight again, but this time as an indentured pilot. Before he graduated into a work release program, Vitaly had spent several years languishing in a Republic jail due to the vile and underhanded betrayal by…well, no need to go into that now.

Vitaly does not have a heart of gold, but he thinks about what it would be like to have one.

Oh yeah. There was a woman. Once.

Vitaly Khruschev

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