Star Wars - Edge of the Empire

Palpatine's Empire is ILLEGAL!
From a pirate HoloNet Transmission intercepted near Chandrila





Just a Little Business to Take Care of First...


While Vader broods in a not so distant system...


My First Bounty Has Booties! – Caster Troy
At last Caster Troy has captured his first “bounty.” Though small and cute this little piggy made sure that it wouldn’t be caught so easily. After spotting Mr Bojangles out of sheer luck Caster instantly went after him. With tunnel vision and the malcadian group on his mind, Mr. Bojangles was not going to get away even if it cost Caster his life. In hot pursuit of Mr. Bojangles Caster found himself being pursued by the local security for making such a ruckus while in hunt for the little ball of joy that is Mr. Bojangles.

Finally the little shit eater was capturing after it had been stunned point blankon.

On the ship. After being “stunned”, poor Mr. Bojangles’ wee little pig body couldn’t handle the stress from the stun blast so his wee little pig heart gave out. Puppy started to panic and began to hyperventilate and then pass out. Thanks to Koyi’s survival medical training, she was able to administer CPR and save the little piggys life and save Puppy’s ass.

Once back on the ship Caster was able to contact Miss. Maganine and arrange a meeting. Vitaly and Caster went and collected the bounty from Miss. Maganine. Maganine then invited Troy to dinner which he at the time had to decline, but made sure that once a time opened he would go out with the lovely Miss Maganine.

On the way back to the ship Caster caught a glance of Vitalys bounty hunter license and realized it was high time to get his own so he could be official, instead of just returning pets to rich gorgeous women…though he can’t complain that much.

Prepare for War
Vader vows to turn Coral City into a sea of fire

Imperial HoloVision

Darth-Vader-darth-vader-13703476-400-502.jpg Pictured above: Lord Vader refuses to back down before Mon Cala’s terrorist threats

The Galactic Empire will wage a merciless sacred war against Mon Cala now that the latter has chosen confrontation. “Enemies of the Empire should be dealt with only by merciless strikes” Moff Wilhuff Tarkin told a news briefing.

In the past, Mon Cala’s refusal to disarm has put a strain on it’s relationship with Coruscant and the Supreme Leader’s New Order, but its latest round of offenses are intolerable. Mon Cala’s execrable lies of sentient rights abuses are so ludicrous as to be laughable if they weren’t an obvious pretext to overthrow the beloved Galactic Empire.

Lord Vader’s star destroyers have been assigned to strike the rogue planet “on highest alert” against Mon Cala aggressor troops. Moff Tarkin and Lord Vader are to lead a joint retaliatory force to bring miserable destruction to the enemies of freedom. Citizens are reminded to be constantly on the alert without a moment’s relaxation.

hidden_cache_edge_of_darkness_by_christopherburdett-d72ecld.jpg Above: an oily Mon Calamari smugly threatens the peace and order of the Empire

Capital shipyards are not a monopoly of Mon Cala and it is seriously mistaken if it thinks its waters are safe. Let this Empire be permeated with the fragrant smell of fish and other seafoods.

The Rebellion is Born

The Rebel Alliance has struck its first decisive blow against the Empire.

Stardate – 2.23.9 BBY
In a bold announcement illegally spread through the Holonet the terrorists known as the brotherhood of freedom strike at the Empire. Video feed can be seen of The Custode, an imperial star destroyer, detonating and raining its own destruction upon Ryloth’s Imperial instillation upon the planet below.

Stardate – 2.26.9 BBY
The Blackhawk arrives at Yavin

Fight or Flight

What will be the next step for the crew of the Black Hawk?

A spider infestation is discovered on the Blackhawk by a bitten Dr Durani and is methodically exterminated by the brave Sueh, DrDoOM, Koyi, Reedro, and Ryun while Dr Durani recovers from his bite. The critters had apparently stowed away amidst the lumber cargo we acquired from W.H.&H.
At the negotiating table the Delcore family finally comes around to the idea of a merger with WH&H and accept Trey Nord’s assistance in relocating their family and vital technologies.
The successful agreement between the Delcore family and the crew of the Blackhawk leads to further ties with WH&H and burgeoning friendships between the two groups’ scientists and technicians.
Haal and VItaly open communication with the Group and explain the situation more clearly resulting in a promotion for the crew.
Over the next 12 star days Haal, Vitaly, Jonny, DrDoOM, and the Blackhawk go to Rodia while the rest of the team remain on Barab1 to build the unit that will contain Richard Delcore and assist in the family’s evacuation before the Malcadian army arrives.
Meanwhile & unbeknownst to anyone else, DrDoom & Jonny murderously pursue vengeance on Rodia

The Dalcore Interaction

Star Date 2.3.15
Kordy Breane offers diamond to Sueh Strom

After viewing the death of 3 Hutts on multiple vid screens on Botajef the crew of the Black Hawk hurry their way off planet and make their way for Barab I. Their trip takes them from Botajef to Columex (2 days), from Colemex to Junkfort Station (3 days), from Junkfort Station to Teth (1 day) and finally a 5 hour trek to reach Barab I arriving on Star Date 2.9.15
During this travel several things happen. Feel free to elaborate on this.
Doctor Doom has a heart….a cold icy death heart…
There is a heart attack somewhere in here
Vitaly brings Yara a towel
There’s also an alien creature eating metal too

Star Date 2.9.15
Arrive on Barab I. Prepared for the grueling conditions of Barab I the crew splits into 2 groups, a negotiation team and a kill team. As it is late and I am tired I will let you all fill in the rest of this. I’m going to be working on what comes next.

The Accountant is contacted by the group and patches them to The Hand who is quite disappointed at their report. After an inexcusable explanation of the occurrences on Barab I it is quite clear that the Hand is not accepting of the lie Haal tried to offer to hide the Dalcore family. Reedro is put through terrible pain reminding the crew of the Black Hawk of their failure before and future expectations before a final warning, Do not fail me again.

Astrogation Log


Bothan Space, Grid R-14: Bothawi. Duros Ricards brothers escape with their rebuilt Blackhawck.
Hertae sector, Grid Q-14: At refuelling station near Nexus Ortai we are redirected By Malcadian group to Mining facility and take on a couple of passengers: Caster and Koyi. Ryun hires on as crew.
Mid Rim/Hutt Space border gR-13: Lannik: Jobs on Jobs; Kruschev, Prof. Cess, and Dr Durani.
To Ryloth by way of Corellian Run entrance at Mon Gaza junction. gR-17 Documents update. Medical supply pick up. Additional passengers: Sueh Strom and Trey Nord including MX-78.
Return to Lannik. Catapult Journey!!!. Previously uncharted route through asteroid mine vector. Transport under radar. Hutt dealings. Delivery.
Yavin: Lantilles Xfer to Perlemian Trade Route. PTR to Columex Xfer. Lucazec exit to Gordon Reach sector routes. gP-6 Drop off.
Dathomir, Quelii sector: GR Sector Routes to Hydian Way @ Junction. Exit at Botajef gO-6. Reunion. Unexpected business opps. Passenger pick up: Yara, Lucas and Lucas Jrs.
To Botajef, Belsmuth sector. Repairs, system updates and cargo pick up: 27,000cr Rare Lumber. Recommended trade port at Ryloth. 2 Artisans on 6 mos commission. Diplomat passenger Gradune Noxis for Barab deal. Droid special contact Loni Scatback (Chevin). Pickup passenger Kordy Breane to watch over for a time as part of some Vitaly business.
Junkfort Station gT-08:Re-outfit.
Journey to Barab gU-12: Refer to The Time Line forum dates 02.05.15 – 02.09.15 for travel times and system vectors. Route based on avoiding cutting directly through the middle of Hutt Space.
Rodia gR-16 Eastern hyperway to Iskalon exit. Next day arrival. Ship purchase, material pick up and other trade. Cargo job to Ryloth accepted. One year BoSS pad and license updates.
Lok gQ17 Through Christophsis junction. 3 hours.
Ryloth gR17 Direct route newly plotted hyperlane: 7 hours (data saved).
Syvris gT13 Back lanes taken, 5 days. The Illiam is now in tow, making adjustments for Hyperdrive efficiancy differential. Hyperwave distress signal picked up from the (Nameless). Trandosha, Mytaranor sector gP9 We follow the signal for 4 days which leads towards the Kashyyk system where we find our companions held captive by Trandoshan scum.
Yavin, Gordon Reach gP-6 Pick up and regrouping. Convene to plan course of action and business propositions. Course decided on, subject to change at the behest of the Malcadian Group. Destination plans include Dathomir, Null, Lannik, and the Core.
Botajef, Belsmuth sector. Refurbish the Nadia and acquire Caster’s IPKC.
Dathomir, Quelii sector. New and efficient hyperlane discovered and plotted. Conclude business with Raptors; Sueh gets update from the Sisters and we explore the 3rd dig site.
Null, Trans-Vulta sector. Drop off and attempted drop off. Unintentional pick up of a Kaminoan physician.
Mid Rim border Quick jump out of Imperial star destroyer and tie fighter pursuit. Journey to Lannik interrupted. Pirate Hondo’s grav mine trap discovered. Position recorded. Witnessed transport flotilla caught in the same trap carrying rancors.
Lannik, border system Society gala, getting shot, Kaminoan drop off.
Toyderia, Hutt Space Hyperlane back door shortcut purchased Lannik-Toydaria. Property lease, “Curse” farm set up with local unions, connections and contacts including ore shipments. Pit fight preparations.
Corellia, Corellian System, Sector, Core. Direct route. 5 days. Bank account. Research. Lauren Selone (senator’s daughter) pick up.
Naboo, Chomell Sector, Mid-rim Back lane, unstable route. Lauren drop off.
Rodia, Tyrius system, Savareen sector Yara package pick up, results in her pursuing her destiny without the Blackhawk and its crew. She books passage to Dathomir. Knuckles and guards book passage and load up cargo. Info gathered about Kaminoan which leads us to Geonosis…
Geonosis system, Arkanis sector 5 hour journey. Pick up Lady Vananin and Thur. Chem exchange.
Corellia, Corellian Sector, Core Quick trip, bank visit and bounty pick up of Thug.
Tarraba Sector, Utapau 5, Utapau 3, N-19 Bounty drop off, Cad Bane communique, Retreival of Gen Grievous. Pick up Ambassador Thane Golen. Ore shipment loaded.
Dathomir 2.5 days Hypertravel (witches and grievous voodoo making this journey exhausting) & 12 hours sub-space. Deliver remains to witches.
Devoran System, Colonies, M133 day hyperjourney. Calth Daros’ Ranch.
Lannik 3 Days in Hyperspace. Meetings and information
Behemoth Dock in capital vessel, headed to uncharted HAHMTSPFC
Travel updates pending…

Mission 2 - Barab I


Star Date 2.3.15

The Quest: Dalcore Facility

Barab I

  • Day time temperature: 113 – 131 degrees F.
  • Night time temperature: ~85 degrees F.
  • Dangerous levels of Radiation during the day.

Dangerous Fauna

  • Barab
  • Shenbit Bonecrusher
  • Durgolosk


  • Barab Fruit: Black skinned fruit like a blood orange the size of a small eggplant
  • Barab Ore: The Ore can store radiation so is dangerous to handle but can store and increase the energy potential
  • Bloodsour: A fruity alcohol favored by carnivores.
  • B-100 heavy blaster
  • Microbe Armor:

Barab II
Frozen ball of ice

Barab III
Gas Giant
4 Moons: Unexplored

The Jackal


Star Date 2.1.15
As the group gathered and finished the buisness of preparing to leave Haal rationed a 4 hour sleep window so that The Black Hawk could continue its Malcadian business as soon as possible. Most slept during that time, though Reedro had a night terror. Seeing it as things to come Reedro burst into Haals cabin awakening him. Haal’s groggy response was, “What you had a nightmare kid?” To Reedro’s unease it was dismissed as a child’s imagination getting the best of him. To Reedro however the threat was very real so he stayed up the rest of the night watching the scanners for the signs of his would be trandoshan hunter.

Star Date 2.2.15
The following morning the team tasked itself to retrieve Lucas’ children. The first child was found in a village of tribal warriors. The population was all males and quite hostile though willing to trade the life of the human child for meat and poison. In the midst of Vitaly’s negotiations Haal’s cool demeanor finally cracked threatening the Zabraks with destruction should they not surrender the child to his custody. This of course sparked a ritual battle.

In a stunning display of brawn, resilience and melee skill the Zabrak champion and Vitally duel. The spoils: the Mandel child or Haal. The battle was evenly suited until Vitaly captured the advantage by removing the warrior’s spear. In a move that would be sure to end the fight, the Zabrak leaped through the air to grab a spear thrown to him by one of his tribe. The spear however did not find its way to it’s intended due to lightning fast reflexes on the part of Sueh. She sheared the spear in two lengthwise. Deprived of his weapon, Vitaly’s skill and tenacity overwhelm the Zabrak’s speed and agility.

Upon return to the Blackhawk, Vitaly secludes himself in his room for a time. With one child saved Haal immediately takes Sueh to another location where they meet an imposing woman named Mother Verana Mastis. Her words are a pain to hear causing him such discomfort that he stays behind while Sueh and the force witch leave to recover the girl. Not believing in the witches magic and uncomfortable with the idea of replacing the child with two more, Sueh signs a contract to fulfill one task appointed by the mother. With this deed done, Mother Verana Mastis releases the girl form her thrall.

The party quickly leaves planet after recovering the kidnapped children and looks into Prof. Sess’ bracelet location on Dathomir 1. Finding an arm floating in space the group destroys it with the quad lasers of the Black Hawk and quickly jump into hyperspace fearing a trap.

Stardate 2.3.15
The travel takes 10 hours to Botajef, a planet under the flag of the Mandalorian commonwealth. This planet’s ship yards allow Trey Nord to do a complete overhaul of the ship in a relatively small amount of time. Haal and Dr. Durani’ are introduced to Atma So, a Kaminoian who works for Wyndem Hamlin & Hamlyn. There Haal buys some company stock and arranges for repayment of the rescue of the WH&H associate. 20.000c of lumber is loaded upon the vessel along with a negotiator named Gradune Noxis who is being sent to try and help broker a deal between the Delcore company and the Malcadian Group.

Vitaly is met by an old contact Laun Quarm who still holds some hostilities towards Vitaly on an account of getting his sister slaved to Konda the Hutt. Luckily for Vitaly Konda is rumored to have been murdered by The Jackal. With Several threat’s to Yara’s life some negotiations are made to help keep their professional relationship alive and in two days Frauk will have information for Vitaly in regards to the location of Laun’s sister, assuming she still lives. Part of the deal is for Vitaly to watch a noble born brat by the name of Kordy Breane. Vitally agrees to look after the noble for a time. He is able to purchase Corellian cloth armor and later works with Haal in attempting to find a ship weapon system.

In the Mean time Sueh and Reedro go to the libray complex. Sueh pulls much of the library’s resources by doing an exhaustive search of hyperspace lanes while Reedro hacks the Holonet system and uploads the message given to him by the unamed employer. To Reedro’s shock the information spreads like a virus displaying on every monitor connected to the net on the planet. The video footage is of The Jackal, murdering three hutts including Konda. the signal is exceptionally loud and most guarenteed to draw attention. Reedro covers his tracks as best as he is able and returns to the vessel to be joined by Sueh Later.


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