Star Wars - Edge of the Empire

Lets Go Shopping!


A trip is set to the Capital of Lannik to pick up supplies, weapons, and components. Among those met in the shopping excursion are:
Jaxx – a Zabrack arms dealer who does not carry Ion Cannons
Weasle – a Devaronian scum
Reom – A Twi’lek with connections
Chrishum – An Ithorian merchant specializing in medical supplies
Qualch – A downtrodden Sulustan bar tender
??? – a Nikto Mechanic

Castor Troy and Ko-Yi looked for weapons. They find the ones they’re after, no they don’t, yes actually they do, wait a minute, no actually it was the wrong gun all along…. and then they came face to face with Imperial Clone Troopers and now understanding their menacing reputation, they narrowly avoided what would likely be an unpleasant experience.

Johnny Ricards performed miracles of engineering to fix several speeders; including updating Reom’s speeder. For such magnificent work Reom offered him and two others tickets to the greatest show in the outer rim. They get to meet Co-D, the greatest shot in the Rim, while they anxiously await the show at midnight. Reedro is ecstatic about the entire deal and also gets to replace his datapad.

Dr. Doom made several plans for….the future.

Vitaly searched for ways to remove his Malcadian “protection” bracelet. He, Ko-Yi, and Castor Troy all begin their search for the one responsible for the assassination attempt of Bargos the Hutt.

Bargos' Mining Facility


The Blackhawk and its crew receive their first task from the Malcadian group: Survey a recently won mining facility for Bargos the Hutt and return the first tithe and survey information to him.

Upon arriving at the facility they found it seemingly abandoned and the few droids they encountered seemed to be deficient. After further discovery the crew of the Blackhawk found the facility to be in full revolt under the control of a supervisor droid called EV-8D3. Narrowly escaping with their lives, the crew fled the system to Lannik with Bargos’ tithe…at least part of it.


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