Nameless Incom A-24 Sleuth Class Stealth Ship

Silhouette 3
Speed 4
Handling +1
Armor 2

1 0

Hull Trauma: 0/10
System Strain: 0/10
Weapons: Wing tip light laser cannons: Damage 5; Crit 3; Range Close; Linked 1
Encumbrance capacity: 0/20
Navicomputer: Yes
Hyperdrive: Class 1
Backup Hyperdrive: Class 9
Sensor Range: Medium
Ship’s Complement: 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot.
Passenger Capacity: 1
Consumables: Three months
Customization Hard Points: 4

The Malcadian Group gave a loaner to Vitaly in the last stages of their repair of the Iliam. This heap is that ship. Left in storage for years without maintenance, any and all identifying marks removed, the past of this ship remains a total mystery. It looks like it was damaged pretty badly before it was locked in a forgotten bay.
Now rechristened as “Nadia” this ship has been purchased and refurbished by the Ricards brothers and tasked to assist in their various travels and dealings. It’s always good to have a nimble ship around.

Nameless Incom A-24 Sleuth Class Stealth Ship

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