Star Wars - Edge of the Empire

At a loss...

Imperial interference prevented Reedro from being able to see CO-D’s guest appearance on Bossk’s Big Score. This left Reedro feeling a little strained through the next few planetary rotations. He had no idea that after the crew was done at Haal’s mining facility they were going to Dathomir to extract an artifact of great evil for the Sith Lord Darth Crion, also known as The Collector. Bajaal, the Dark Jedi Trandoshan, showed up to train Reedro in control of the Force and in combat. This training was going well, but then the truth was presented to Reedro. Haal, Johnny, Koyi, the Imperial Ambassador of Utapau and Breen were all in grave danger. Reedro and Bajaal left at this point to go save the crew and destroy these upstart Sith. Unfortunately when they arrived at Dathomir all they found was the wrecked Blackhawk with Breen inside, and a badly wounded Rodian. Reedro gave emergency medical treatment to the Rodian and he snapped back to consciousness. He was saying something about being the guardian. The Pau’an seems to be very dear to this Rodian for somereason. One way or another I’m sure that he is an of ours ally who was also betrayed by the Sith and left for dead. Bajaal confirmed that Yara is Darth Crion’s apprentice, and Reedro thought back on every opportunity that the crew passed over to destroy her in the past. Hopefully when Sueh and Vitaly show up we can fix the Blackhawk and follow these fiends to their base where we will completely and utterly wipe them from the face of the galaxy. Everyone who is in league with these Sith must die. No one captures my brothers and wrecks my ship and then thinks that they can get away with it. Nobody.

Nuthin' But Upset

Holes in the net: Netfly seemed to lack any strategy or defense

Dave Netfly, once beloved sport fighter, has been grounded. In his first appearance at the Huttese Morlac Tusk Stalker Championship, Vitaly Khruschev easily pummeled Netfly into submission and when he was done beating the body, he beat the man; showing the Children’s Favorite to be nothing but a fraud and a crook. The Sargassan native ripped out armored plates that had been hidden in Netfly’s clothing, exposed Dave’s arms as cybernetically enhanced electrical shock weapons and then forced him to admit to cheating while holding him above the venue’s infamous kilometre drop precipice.

Despite last minute predictions by bookies that the fight could go the distance and the experienced Vitaly looked fit enough to last several rounds with Netfly, the bell never stopped the fight. In less than 60 seconds, The Human Hope went from favored titan of the ring to charlatan limb and he made sure to look terrible doing it. Dave must have spent more time entering the ring than actually fighting in it and during the few seconds of actual pugilism he gave us, he seemed more interested in dancing and playing to the crowd than enacting any kind of strategy or putting up a defense against Vitaly’s superior agililty and skill. He must have hoped he could smile the Sargassan to death.

The beginning murmurs of an uproar have already begun in the fight community. This puts into doubt every win that Netfly has on his record and we have to wonder, how long has Dave had those cybernetic arms?

Empty Net

“He’s not new. He’s done a lot of fighting. Just not here.” The Toydarian Troll was quoted as saying. Troll is Vitaly’s longtime trainer and friend. Despite the fact that Vitaly looked exhausted and visibly fatigued after the fight, Troll assured reporters that Vitaly wasn’t too old to continue, but he has to focus on his next fight, which is against the mysterious first seed.

While Vitaly may have stolen the show, there were plenty of other stunning upsets and ludicrous matchups. Lobo dominated the small, weak dug, Drigs, which any five year old with fully functioning eyes (obviously something the matchmakers for the brackets don’t have) could have told you would happen. Drigs had his back broken at the end of the match, probably ending his career, but definitely the only part of this lopsided spectacle that anyone cared about.

He wasn’t the only one. Duke Tyson may never walk again after Hrothgar snapped his spine in two. This leaves Vitaly as the only non-genetically altered human in the tournament. Although Tyson put on a magnificent display of skill and cunning (note to Netfly: THIS is how you play to the crowd while actually fighting), in the end it was the wookie’s mindless rage that came out on top.

Zarina should consider a career as a statue. Or a vending machine. Or really anything else. Before she could even breathe deeply, Quintos Chokka knocked her cold with a spectacular aú sem mão that may have broken the record for fastest KO in the Morlac.

But the best fight of the evening was when they brought in an infant rancor to fight a retired clone trooper named Gray. At first It looked like one of those arena tricks where the promoters exponentially increase the bloodshed to reel the fans’ attention back in for the last match. But Gray didn’t lose. It was a vicious battle for survival that included the trooper stabbing the rancor’s eyes just as he was about to get bitten in half and Grey wielding a bloodied, stolen tooth that he had wrenched from the creature’s maw and then using it as the instrument of the rancor’s demise.

Even if many of us bought our tickets to see Netfly fight, the rancor fight gave us our money’s worth.

Geonosis, Hotbed of Rebels
The Geonosians still fight for independence

The rebel Geonosians urge Dr. Durani towards a freighter


Assault on the Imperial base at Geonosis


Chief Medical Officer's Log

Treated two more victims of gunshot wounds. Blaster fire this time. A different sort of wound, often easier to treat as the victim is generally either dead already or has suffered less trauma as compared to a solid slug. Still, vile things blasters. The fact that they kill more efficiently is hardly praise.

The two men I treated were a secretive duo, but they offered me assistance and a place to stay on Lannik if I, or the crew of the Blackhawk, are ever in need. This service is already paying in far more than credits, as I also learned that the Duros I treated previously is a Senator, and her human companion said to look him up if I am ever in the galactic west and need a favor.


Trey Nord has been working on some manner of weapons modifications for Sueh Strom. The duration of his efforts seemed to be causing her some consternation, and I spent some time with both of them attempting to diffuse the situation. I’m not sure how well it worked, but I think it’s best not to let such matters go unaddressed. It’s not good for the mental health of the crew, and though I’m no psychiatrist, I’m responsible for all aspects of the crew’s well being.


Dr. D.O.O.M. pulled me aside to have a conversation. I’m worried about his motives and his goals, but there is a glimmer of hope for him. I spoke to Haal Ricards about my concerns, and he said he would speak to Jonny Ricards, whom I believe is egging Dr. D.O.O.M. on, though perhaps unintentionally. Or at least without full appreciation for the possible consequences.


We were all invited to, and attended, a large gala thrown by a Toydarian crime lord, Boga. Several deals were made with regard to a large, upcoming “pit fight” tournament. I’m not looking forward to such unashamed glorification of violence for profit and sport, but I have put myself in the position of being able to tend to the wounded, and thereby able to give Vitaly Khruschev intel to help him avoid grievous injury.

We’re also now engaged in what’s being called “The Corellian Job.” We’re to retrieve several large, carbonite encased items from the personal vault of an Imperial officer. A low risk endeavor, no doubt. At least Haal is wise enough to attempt this through subterfuge and not a suicidal strong-arm approach. Vitaly and I approached a Corellian bank to talk about opening an account so we could learn more about their procedures. This job is supposed to be carried and out and complete before we have to arrive for Vitaly and Sueh to compete in the pit fighting tournament.

For the time being, while on Corellia, we are not to advertise my off-the-books medical services as we might on less highly controlled, monitored worlds. If time and resources permit, however, I’m going to attempt to obtain all the necessary licenses to make my wandering medical services above board, so that income streams are not cut off every time we go to a large Imperial world.

Medical Facility Operations

The Blackhawk’s medical facilities saw many challenges recently. Several crew members required vital triage, Capt. Haal required emergency treatment to stave off a mortal wound, and I had to tend to myself simultaneously to prevent a dilution of my medical efficacy with regard to the crew.

I also was put in the position of saving the life of a female Duros with a horrendous gut wound (from a solid slug), and a male Human with a chest wound from a similar weapon. The Duros will take several days to heal, the human is able to leave on his own accord at the moment. This treatment was the first of what I’m sure will be many instances of using my medical knowledge to help all who cross paths with the Blackhawk.

The evening at the ball was rather pleasant, and helped distract me from my own personal failings. I don’t think my physical condition will hinder me too much, but today it came perilously close to undermining my primary skill set as far as this crew concerned.

I have secured the assistance of both Reedro and Trey Nord to ensure that the medical facilities are stabilizes in the event of catastrophe. This should prevent losses like what we suffered from our recent encounter with the Imperials.

Yara and I had a good conversation about her academic contacts regarding xenobiology. I also assured her that as long as I have any sway, that she is welcome as a guest or professional associate — purely related to her academic knowledge. Nothing else.

Return To Lannik


The Team assembles at Lannik. Vitaly Khruschev contacts Rourk about bank surveillance and unburdens himself of his debt to Laun Quarm.

Paid Less Than Caster Troy
It's a living


I put the X-14 DeepKleen Magna Cleaner on the shelf above and slightly to the right of the mop and I folded each towel down the crease, just like she likes it. She didn’t notice. I can tell she notices Haal, though. Why do the captain and that clone trooper reject get all the girls? I owe the captain my life and he seems like a great guy, but, I mean, he’s a duros. He might be really attractive for a duros, but how could you even tell? And Vitaly looks like someone scraped the paint offa Z-95 with his face. I don’t get it. Wish I had my own ship.

She looks so good when she’s scrubbing like that. I gotta look away before she notices I’m staring.

Why? Why am I always being shot at? Feels like it’s tearing the ship apart, but they haven’t hit us yet, I know what that feels like. There goes the captain. Fucking hero. Wish I had my own – Fuck! That was close! We need to take off now!

I don’t know why we haven’t taken off yet, but I’m sure the captain has a plan. He always does. Please have a plan. Another blast way too close to the ship. It’s the droids again, I know it. Psychopaths. Not even human. I worked with N4660R for over a year and then he tells me he’s going to paint mining shaft TT15 a lovely shade of chestnut with my liver. Like, how does he even know what color my liver is? Brrrrr. He always preferred 10W-30 for his knees, but said it was too strong for his elbows. How do I even remember that? WHY IS THE LOADING RAMP DOWN?!

It’s motherfucking Yara. And that fucking one-armed nutcase who doesn’t do anything, but drinks all our booze, I can’t remember his name. At least Vitaly actually works. He’s carrying something and shouting. It’s one of those cloners and it looks hurt. They’re running or limping, can’t really tell, through blaster fire, leading the droids straight towards the ship.

A rope? Yeah, you can have a rope, even though that’s the dumbest plan ever and it will totally never work. But if I disengage the safety and push past the standards for the cargo hold’s emergency mass accelerator, I may be able to decrease her infall time if she jumps. Jump Yara! Fuck, she’s gorgeous. Dammit, I’m saving her first. Why the hell is that nutjob pulling out handcuffs?

Everyone on board. Going to vomit again. Had to really burn the lifesupport’s localized gravity to get them in here and it’s like a 20 fake whiskey hangover on a rollercoaster. No, it wasn’t your stupid rope, asshole, but I can’t tell him that because I’m vomiting. Awesome. Why aren’t they affected? Looks like the illegal power drain I created tore through the sensors. Sorry, Haal. No, I don’t know where the fuck Vitaly is, but you’re welcome. But I can’t speak, so I just shake my head and hold back the rest of lunch and breakfast.

Vitaly again? Can’t you see I’m shaking my head? Man, I hate that guy, even if he isn’t a totally useless one-armed nutcase.

Loading ramp finally closes and we take off. Just lucky to be alive.


doctor doctor give me the news
Can you lend me a hand?

Today is the day! Caster Troy wakes up in a great mood ready to finally under go the surgery to get a new arm finally. If he can only reach Trey Nord to start putting together the cybernetic left arm!


What Happened Last Time
In case you were high...


After successfully alienating every lifeform aboard the Blackhawk, Yara was dumped abandoned dropped off on Null, where she could theoretically use her powers of irritation for good.

Way before that, a potent Sith temple hallucinogenic gas dredged up the horrible histories and carefully guarded memories from nearly every member of the crew and paraded them around for the enjoyment of Dr. D.O.O.M.. We now know why all Twi’leks are strippers, but fortunately we still don’t know why Trey Nord is the way he is.

Sueh Strom learned that she too could be a hero, but only when something desperately needed to be murdered.

Pan-s-Labyrinth-pans-labyrinth-4029170-960-540.jpg Needs to be murdered

Collectively, the crew of the Blackhawk decided that the lives of 150 Togruta did not outweigh the fate of the entire galaxy, so they didn’t unleash the hideous, ancient evil Sith artifact upon the people of the universe. This kind of thinking is unusual in Star Wars.

Castor Troy collected no bounties and remained sub-par in fully functioning arms.

The Ruins of Dathomir
Bid for Yara's clan

After resupplying at Botajef we set a course for Dathomir. Once on the surface we head into the depths of ancient ruins looking for an artifact that we might exchange to the Collector Mr. Crion for the freedom of Yara’s clan.
We have thus far fought our way past force golem sentries and have gained access to the lower levels but beyond the doors more guardians await.

Pushing through the door at the bottom of the stair well leads the crew of the Black Hawk into a natural cavern filled with mist and illuminated by geodes. Traveling through the depths of this cavern the crew sees visions of the past, some haunting, some bitter sweet. They are torn from this revelry one by one as Dr. D.O.O.M. unleashes death upon the Caldarian Hunters attempting to devour the heroes living. Caster Troy and Yara have a particularly hard time breaking from the influence of the caves. When it is all done and the Hunters are vanquished the crew find the door to the chamber hosting the relic tasked for Yara to retrieve.

The door speaks of an ancient legend and the crew is remiss to open it. Caster Troy rams into it tearing away the seemingly useless waxen seal to reveal the inner chamber. 50 statues line the walls with urns before them. In the center of the chamber is the tablet, a floating stone slab of massive dimensions. The crew decides that perhaps they should leave this be until more research could be done. Reluctantly, Yara accepts this.

After their return the crew of the Black Hawk leave for the Null system. There they leave Yara to help with the locals while making plans to meet with the Collector.


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