Star Wars - Edge of the Empire

Astrogation Log



Bothan Space, Grid R-14: Bothawi. Duros Ricards brothers escape with their rebuilt Blackhawck.
Hertae sector, Grid Q-14: At refuelling station near Nexus Ortai we are redirected By Malcadian group to Mining facility and take on a couple of passengers: Caster and Koyi. Ryun hires on as crew.
Mid Rim/Hutt Space border gR-13: Lannik: Jobs on Jobs; Kruschev, Prof. Cess, and Dr Durani.
To Ryloth by way of Corellian Run entrance at Mon Gaza junction. gR-17 Documents update. Medical supply pick up. Additional passengers: Sueh Strom and Trey Nord including MX-78.
Return to Lannik. Catapult Journey!!!. Previously uncharted route through asteroid mine vector. Transport under radar. Hutt dealings. Delivery.
Yavin: Lantilles Xfer to Perlemian Trade Route. PTR to Columex Xfer. Lucazec exit to Gordon Reach sector routes. gP-6 Drop off.
Dathomir, Quelii sector: GR Sector Routes to Hydian Way @ Junction. Exit at Botajef gO-6. Reunion. Unexpected business opps. Passenger pick up: Yara, Lucas and Lucas Jrs.
To Botajef, Belsmuth sector. Repairs, system updates and cargo pick up: 27,000cr Rare Lumber. Recommended trade port at Ryloth. 2 Artisans on 6 mos commission. Diplomat passenger Gradune Noxis for Barab deal. Droid special contact Loni Scatback (Chevin). Pickup passenger Kordy Breane to watch over for a time as part of some Vitaly business.
Junkfort Station gT-08:Re-outfit.
Journey to Barab gU-12: Refer to The Time Line forum dates 02.05.15 – 02.09.15 for travel times and system vectors. Route based on avoiding cutting directly through the middle of Hutt Space.
Rodia gR-16 Eastern hyperway to Iskalon exit. Next day arrival. Ship purchase, material pick up and other trade. Cargo job to Ryloth accepted. One year BoSS pad and license updates.
Lok gQ17 Through Christophsis junction. 3 hours.
Ryloth gR17 Direct route newly plotted hyperlane: 7 hours (data saved).
Syvris gT13 Back lanes taken, 5 days. The Illiam is now in tow, making adjustments for Hyperdrive efficiancy differential. Hyperwave distress signal picked up from the (Nameless). Trandosha, Mytaranor sector gP9 We follow the signal for 4 days which leads towards the Kashyyk system where we find our companions held captive by Trandoshan scum.
Yavin, Gordon Reach gP-6 Pick up and regrouping. Convene to plan course of action and business propositions. Course decided on, subject to change at the behest of the Malcadian Group. Destination plans include Dathomir, Null, Lannik, and the Core.
Botajef, Belsmuth sector. Refurbish the Nadia and acquire Caster’s IPKC.
Dathomir, Quelii sector. New and efficient hyperlane discovered and plotted. Conclude business with Raptors; Sueh gets update from the Sisters and we explore the 3rd dig site.
Null, Trans-Vulta sector. Drop off and attempted drop off. Unintentional pick up of a Kaminoan physician.
Mid Rim border Quick jump out of Imperial star destroyer and tie fighter pursuit. Journey to Lannik interrupted. Pirate Hondo’s grav mine trap discovered. Position recorded. Witnessed transport flotilla caught in the same trap carrying rancors.
Lannik, border system Society gala, getting shot, Kaminoan drop off.
Toyderia, Hutt Space Hyperlane back door shortcut purchased Lannik-Toydaria. Property lease, “Curse” farm set up with local unions, connections and contacts including ore shipments. Pit fight preparations.
Corellia, Corellian System, Sector, Core. Direct route. 5 days. Bank account. Research. Lauren Selone (senator’s daughter) pick up.
Naboo, Chomell Sector, Mid-rim Back lane, unstable route. Lauren drop off.
Rodia, Tyrius system, Savareen sector Yara package pick up, results in her pursuing her destiny without the Blackhawk and its crew. She books passage to Dathomir. Knuckles and guards book passage and load up cargo. Info gathered about Kaminoan which leads us to Geonosis…
Geonosis system, Arkanis sector 5 hour journey. Pick up Lady Vananin and Thur. Chem exchange.
Corellia, Corellian Sector, Core Quick trip, bank visit and bounty pick up of Thug.
Tarraba Sector, Utapau 5, Utapau 3, N-19 Bounty drop off, Cad Bane communique, Retreival of Gen Grievous. Pick up Ambassador Thane Golen. Ore shipment loaded.
Dathomir 2.5 days Hypertravel (witches and grievous voodoo making this journey exhausting) & 12 hours sub-space. Deliver remains to witches.
Devoran System, Colonies, M133 day hyperjourney. Calth Daros’ Ranch.
Lannik 3 Days in Hyperspace. Meetings and information
Behemoth Dock in capital vessel, headed to uncharted HAHMTSPFC
Travel updates pending…



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