Star Wars - Edge of the Empire

The Ruins of Dathomir

Bid for Yara's clan

After resupplying at Botajef we set a course for Dathomir. Once on the surface we head into the depths of ancient ruins looking for an artifact that we might exchange to the Collector Mr. Crion for the freedom of Yara’s clan.
We have thus far fought our way past force golem sentries and have gained access to the lower levels but beyond the doors more guardians await.

Pushing through the door at the bottom of the stair well leads the crew of the Black Hawk into a natural cavern filled with mist and illuminated by geodes. Traveling through the depths of this cavern the crew sees visions of the past, some haunting, some bitter sweet. They are torn from this revelry one by one as Dr. D.O.O.M. unleashes death upon the Caldarian Hunters attempting to devour the heroes living. Caster Troy and Yara have a particularly hard time breaking from the influence of the caves. When it is all done and the Hunters are vanquished the crew find the door to the chamber hosting the relic tasked for Yara to retrieve.

The door speaks of an ancient legend and the crew is remiss to open it. Caster Troy rams into it tearing away the seemingly useless waxen seal to reveal the inner chamber. 50 statues line the walls with urns before them. In the center of the chamber is the tablet, a floating stone slab of massive dimensions. The crew decides that perhaps they should leave this be until more research could be done. Reluctantly, Yara accepts this.

After their return the crew of the Black Hawk leave for the Null system. There they leave Yara to help with the locals while making plans to meet with the Collector.



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