Star Wars - Edge of the Empire

What Happened Last Time

In case you were high...


After successfully alienating every lifeform aboard the Blackhawk, Yara was dumped abandoned dropped off on Null, where she could theoretically use her powers of irritation for good.

Way before that, a potent Sith temple hallucinogenic gas dredged up the horrible histories and carefully guarded memories from nearly every member of the crew and paraded them around for the enjoyment of Dr. D.O.O.M.. We now know why all Twi’leks are strippers, but fortunately we still don’t know why Trey Nord is the way he is.

Sueh Strom learned that she too could be a hero, but only when something desperately needed to be murdered.

Pan-s-Labyrinth-pans-labyrinth-4029170-960-540.jpg Needs to be murdered

Collectively, the crew of the Blackhawk decided that the lives of 150 Togruta did not outweigh the fate of the entire galaxy, so they didn’t unleash the hideous, ancient evil Sith artifact upon the people of the universe. This kind of thinking is unusual in Star Wars.

Castor Troy collected no bounties and remained sub-par in fully functioning arms.


I did exactly 3 things last session. I moved the ships so that a bunch of bugs didn’t start eating them, fixed Dr. Doom while uncovering the secrets of his being blackmailed, and then astrogated a jump for Vitaly in the Ilium.

What Happened Last Time

Best post for me so far :)

What Happened Last Time

Still laughing…but seriously, we do appreciate all you do Mr. Troy.
And Yara, we all have to appreciate our priorities. Considering the scope of the galaxy and our access to it, we must give your quest serious thought before barging in. Thus far the cost seems to outweigh the benefits on a galactic scale. We must consider and research other options. I advise plotting a rescue: gather all the intelligence you can about where your people are and hire us to rescue them. We will accept payment in the form of desirable artifacts, cash, society connections within the core and so forth. If you and your people can provide such things, we will rescue them from this miscreant.
A couple of things that require clarification from you, Yara:
number 1: Why are your people in captivity, exactly?
& number 2: It was our skill, not your knowledge of the ruins that saved us when we were down there. So what is your specific affiliation/value to the Collector?

What Happened Last Time

My people are artisans, crafters, philosophers. They proved to be easy targets of the collectors ambitions. I don’t know what he uses them for now but when he initially sent me on this “assignment” he had them slaving to craft his temple upon his asteroid city.

As to my abilities, the greatest amount of work I have done has been research and uncovering the location and nature of the this artifact he seeks to complete his collection. I am physically able, although not nearly the equal of any of the Blackhawk crew, to retrieve most artifacts I have sought as 5 years of tomb runs has honed my skills considerably.

The tablet, properly called the Record of Leas or the Tomb of Nallus presents no danger in itself. According to the collector this is simpley the final piece to completing his collection. In my expert experience the legends of the last milennia are often just that, legends. I of course respect your caution and what ever course of action you choose. I just worry for the safety of my people and have so little to offer myself. Being slaves, or newly freed slaves should you be able to rescue them, I don’t know what we could offer you for your bible deeds. (Begins tearing up)

What Happened Last Time

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