Bargos The Hutt


A major crime lord with ties to the Hutt syndicates, Bargos owns a town on the planet Lannik. Bargos has a reputation for extreme violence and suffering before a not-so-merciful end. This reputation is often overlooked by his advisers; a fatal mistake.

He loves blood sports and has spoken about building his own state of the art facility for decades now. The same is true of pod racing to a lesser degree. However anyone who has worked for him on these endeavors has not met his expectations and found themselves at the wrong end of his pet’s leash or hung upon the halls of his palisades.

It is known that recently Bargos has fallen on somewhat hard times. His coffers have fallen quite low in regards to Hutt standards. As a result he has stopped paying his debts as well as withholding payments to his agents.


Bargos was burned alive by the The Jackal in the ruins of the 100th Annual Huttese Morlac Tusk Stalker Championship.

Bargos The Hutt

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