Helping to ruin lives since before the Clone Wars


Owner of the Iliam, several dozen consigments, and even more people.


Boga is a shadowy character who has recently disappeared from public view. He was a mid-level crime boss during the clone wars, but his power and influence have increased immensely since then. Most of his ground-level dealings were handled by a thoroughly contemptible Bothan with the uninspiring name of Keech, before the latter was literally torn apart by Bargos The Hutt.

Within his greedy clutches Boga holds the secret to keeping aging clones alive. Keech used his contacts within the Bothan Spy Network to keep his master’s formula hidden and mysterious. Boga keeps several ex-military clones on retainer with the aid of this pharmaceutical.

Boga died from internal injuries suffered during the collapse of the Rock during the 100th Annual Huttese Morlac Tusk Stalker Championship. He was crushed by falling architecture, but lived for two days afterwards. He was survived by his nephew Zann.


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