Haal Ricards

Captain of the Black Hawk


Duros male, gray-blue skin, eyes red specked with gold, lithe 1.88m in height, 26 years of age.
Career: Smuggler
Specializations: Pilot; Entrepreneur; Charmer.
Characteristics: Br1 / Ag5/ In3 / Cu2 / Wi2 / Pr4
Wounds/Threshold: 0/12. Strain/Threshold: 0/15
Trained Skills:
Knowledge Education:1
Knowledge Underworld:1
Piloting planet:2
Piloting space:3
Ranged (light):2

Talents: Improved Full Throttle//Skilled Jockey II //Let’s Ride//Galaxy Mapper II// Grit III//
Rapid Recovery II//Wheel and Deal I// Sound Investment V//Know Somebody I //MasterMerchant//Dedication(presence)(agility) //Intensefocus//NaturalPilot//MasterPilot//DefensiveDriving//BrilliantEvasion//SmoothTalker//Kill With Kindness//Congenial//Works like a Charm//
Unmatched Fortune—frequency 1//destiny//increased number 1//
Personal Gear: HL27 light blaster pistol + extra reloads//Armored clothing//Long range com link//crash survival kit//binders//climbing gear//space suit//holo messenger// Sabacc deck//Hostile environment gear (Dune style vs heat and radiation))
Croco-Loco authentic monocle and cigarette holder.
Personal Account: 30,850c
Group account:179,081c (+15000 in bank)


Raised as the heir to the family business Haal has made it his goal to rebuild what was lost during the war.
He spent his teenage years on Bothawi with his brothers, working for the Fels syndicate as a runner and pilot, all the while siphoning credits and materials to fix the family vessel and servant droid Dr. D.O.O.M.. With the rebuilt Blackhawk and his two younger brothers he set to the stars to reclaim his family’s fortune…
It seems that Dr D.O.oM. has rebooted the memories of our family’s demise and that we might find a way to avenge their deaths and discover the truth about their betrayal…

Haal Ricards

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