The Wayfarer class freighter owned and operated by the Ricard bros. The Blackhawk was destroyed by the machinations of the would-be Sith Lord, Crion

Silhouette: 5
Speed: 3
Handling: -2

1 1 2

Armour: 4
Hull Trauma: 0/32
System Strain: 0/20

Weapon Systems: Dorsal Quad Laser. Fwd arc. Damage 5. Close. Crit 3. Linked(3). Accurate.
Twin Medium Dorsal Ion Cannon. 360degree arc. Damage 6. Close. Crit 4. Linked(1)
Consumables: 3 months.
140 cases ration packs (2880 units); 4 cases ramen(artisan); 50kg powdered milk; 120kg grains(beans, oats, rice, breadcrumbs, flour, yeast); 20kg preserved poultry; 36kg preserved fish & seafood; 20kg tofu; 2400g spices(salt, peppers, etc.); 20 kg pickled goods; 20kg salted and preserved meats; 16 kg preserved fruits; 10 liters oils(refined & base 30/70); 8 liters egg substitute; 2 liters pre-made sauces; 1200g sweetened fruit preserves. 4kg sweeteners. 20 liters+20 kg cleaning suplies. 2 cases sanitary supplies. 10 ton tank of potable water. Monthly replenishment cost: rations 240Cr+foodstuffs 560Cr=800Cr
Hyperdrive: HFS S/ig-30mkII Class .5/ Backup: “Starcrossed XIV
Sensors: Medium
Crew: Pilot: Haal Ricards, Co-Pilot: Ricards-Vitaly, Engineer: Content Not Found: johnny-ricards, Cargo Master: Ricards-Vitaly, Medical Engineer: D.O.OM., Doctor: Durani, Cook: Sueh Strom, Deck Hands: Trey Nord, Ryun
Passengers (6): Koyi, Castor Troy, Gradune Noxis, Kordy Breane, Yara Da’Vral, 2 Kaminoan Artisans.
Medical staff: Dr Durani, D.O.OM, & Koyi.
Shipment of 5 kinds of ores to Corellia.
Medical supplies. Tools. Repair patches. Space suits. consumables. spare fuel cell. 2xBarabian(Del.) fuel rod. 8 Superior prosthetic limbs(customize-able). Assorted Del batteries(33units). 17 Crates of refined ores. 3 suits microbe armor. Aratech 57-D Speeder

Astrogation Log
The Transit


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