The Iliam is an especially shitty version of a YV-560. Whether this is due to years of neglect or simply because Boga likes to see his operatives suffer is the subject of many a late night debate among the destitute crewmen that must run the ship. The consensus usually lands on the latter opinion.

The Iliam is a science and exploration vessel, however, and it has seen more of Wild Space and the Unknown Regions than any space barge has a right to. Hidden among the ones and zeros of it’s navicomputer are sparkling gems of data that could make a Hutt’s eyes widen or an Imperial Inquisitor’s narrow.

Usually, Vitaly can be found piloting the scow, under some odious orders from Boga, but lately the Iliam’s been about junked thanks to the confluence of an asteroid field, a bounty hunter, and some bad decisions that finally caught up to it’s aviator. The freighter is being held in one of the The Malcadian Group’s shipyards while they possibly repair it. It now constitutes the sole reason for their yoke around Vitaly’s neck.

Update: Surprisingly, the Malcadian Group was good to it’s word and repaired The Iliam to it’s original specs and cleanliness. Unsurprisingly, they added a little something extra: the Iliam has been seeded with bugs and Malcadian transceivers throughout its wiring. Because of this, Vitaly returns the ship to Boga as fast as he is able.
This is what the Iliam might look like if it was owned by people who cared.


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