Dalcore Group

Papa Dalcore

The Dalcore are a family once employed by the Malcadians, but they sought to escape from the galaxy spanning corporation. Whether they attempted to buy themselves out or just ran to the edges of known space isn’t clear, they are a little fuzzy on the details. Regardless, their liberation attempt failed and the Accountant tracked them to Barab I and sent an entire CIS-style droid army to wipe them out.

Although the crew of the Blackhawk rescued the family from extinction, the Dalcore were in the right place at the right time to take the blame for the droid invasion away from the Malcadians. Whether or not it was intentional is up for debate, but the battle droids wiped out an Imperial base still under construction. Even with the Dalcore still at large, it looks like the Malcadian Group still got what they wanted.

Every member of the Dalcore family seems eerily like a poorly cloned version of one of the PC’s:

Chad Dalcore

Dalcore Group

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