Lannik is a Mid Rim planet that lies right on the border of Hutt Space. It is the site of the underworld war between two hutt bosses: Bargos and Rondo. It is a conflict that has raged for years as Rondo viciously attempts, often successfully, to sabotage any venture with Boga’s influence behind it. The two live on opposite ends of the planet, which ensures that their operatives rarely run into each other unless they are actively interfering in the rival crimeboss’ schemes.

Bargos runs an entire city on Lannik that he generously calls Bargos’ Villa.

Unsurprisingly, Lannik is also home to a thriving black market and its nefarious criminal element attracts bounty hunters like flies. Navigating this seedy web often necessitates using information brokers like Rourk, who know who to avoid, who to talk to, and how to find both.

Chrishum and Crishum, Inc. have set up their medical base in Lannik, perhaps motivated by Ithorian guilt or a naïve sense of civic duty.

If you wish to know more, the holonet has some information regarding Lannik that can be found here.


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