Stealth Field Generator (Basic)

Cost: (R)1,000-2,000
Manufactured by Czerka Arms thousands of years ago.

The Czerka Platinum Stealth Field Generator is a venerable artifact that dates back to the hoary times of the Second Sith War. It was their entry level submission into the field of stealth technology and the surviving models have a tendency to short out unexpectedly, but whether this was a manufacturing defect or the inadvertent result of millennia of disuse and neglect is unknown.

A working model was recently unearthed by Yara the archaeologist before her disappearance near Dathomir. The Stealth Field was no longer in her possession at the time she vanished.

When active, this Stealth Field adds one setback (black) die to Perception or Vigilance rolls to detect the wearer. The number of setback dice is increased to two if the wearer doesn’t move. Or, the generator adds one or two boost (blue) die in when the wearer is rolling under the same circumstances. The gm can use three threat or a despair result to “short out” the generator, possibly causing strain damage or shutting the stealth field down.

The wearer may attempt to hide without cover while the Stealth Field is active.

Stealth Field Generator (Basic)

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