StromCo is a long standing leader in robotics technologies, dating back almost 200 years. StromCo was mysteriously started many planetary cycles ago by a brilliant (more than half machine and also more than half mad) scientist. The work that this brave soul did brought robotics technologies to the brink of a renaissance, but the greed of some and the shortsightedness of others guaranteed that that day would not come. Generations later when his descendants followed his legacy, the company was thrown into disarray and needed to be restructured. In these recent times StromCo has been under exclusive contract with the Malcadian Group to develop obscure droid “enhancements”. Most of these projects have not been met with the quality that StromCo blindly prides itself in.

Yet, when one light dims, another shines. (Half-working lights on sale for 1/2 price this week only!) compact_fluorescent_lightbulbs_close_up_s.jpg

StromCo prides itself on customer satisfaction. For this reason any and all negative comments, messages and/or suggestions will be deleted without coming to the attention of Marketing C.F.O. M Jackson, who has taken control of the Board of Directors in the absence of the heir to the Strom legacy.

StromCo has a strict policy against refunds, returns, rebates, retail and recaff.
Be advised that under Imperial Sanctions using StromCo merchandise for non sanctioned business is punishable as a capital offense.


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